What Makes Zadar IN CROATIA a Perfect Place to Live for Families Coming from Abroad?

A view of the stunning Borik Zadar - Zadar Croatia - Zadar Kroatien.

adar, Croatia – a city located on the Adriatic coastline where the sunsets are stunning, and the life is one with the sea. This is a city with rich history stretching thousands of years into the past, the remnants of those intriguing stories visible to this day. A popular tourist spot for Croatians as well as for foreigners, Zadar has become a well-known destination for all those looking to catch as many rays of sunshine as possible. Yet this city is so much more. More than just its beaches and seaside, Zadar is an urban centre. And through this harmonious combination it becomes one of the most desireful places of residence for young families coming from abroad.

Why do foreigners choose to move to Zadar?


s a steadily developing country, Croatia offers numerous employment options. Its excellent position in regard to its neighbouring countries plays a large role in this aspect – it is located at the intersection of central, southern and eastern Europe. And let us not forget that it is also a part of the European Union, as well as Schengen Area. What does this mean? It means that it is a lot easier for foreigners to live and work in Croatia, with less paperwork and restrictions. And the opportunities are in constant rise.

While Croatia’s northern parts are more industrial and agricultural, the southern ones are dedicated to tourism. And tourism includes so much more than just the sea and the sun. It means that the entire coastline sees a rise in real estate development as well as hotel and private accommodation, with new restaurants and bars opening constantly. Moreover, Zadar is also a local business and industrial centre. Various marketing, web development and similar agencies flock to Zadar. It also sees a constant rise in various industries. Altogether, this means that everyone with an exciting new business idea may try out their luck under the Croatian sun.

So, it comes as no surprise that many foreign businesses people seek to cooperate with local companies, as well as to start a new business in Zadar. And on the other hand, it is not just the entrepreneurs who seek business opportunities in Zadar. New businesses mean a rise in worker demand and people from all over the world flock to Zadar in search of employment.

And once in Zadar, the charm of the city and its many perks, as well as the warm Mediterranean climate take over and many of these foreigners choose to stay.

Borik in Zadar, Croatia – an ideal location for families


hen it comes to Zadar, Borik neighbourhood in particular, one may conclude that it is the ideal location for young families. We have already stated that business opportunities are abundant in the region and the process of relocation is fairly simple. And of course, those who do decide to move will wish to take their families with them. So, what does Borik have to offer to them that will make them stay?

Amenities such as schools, kindergartens, doctors’ and dentists’ offices are all located in the district. Moreover, there are also many restaurants and bars, as well as shops that provide the residents with everything they need at hand. And let us not forget the aspect that attracts the foreigners the most – proximity to the Zadar marina with stunning pebbly and sandy beaches. One can envision the lightness of living when they can count on swimming in the sea, spending quality time with their family and admiring the sunset after they have finished work for the day.

Sounds like an interesting prospect? Yes, and many foreigners pack their bags and set out to the wonderful Adriatic coastline to enjoy the lifestyle that is urban as well as Mediterranean, to enjoy both the abundant business opportunities as well as the feeling of being on a vacation at all times.

The one thing that remains to be done is to look for an ideal apartment in Zadar.

How to find the perfect apartment in Zadar


ooking for an apartment in an attractive location such as Zadar, Croatia can be a tiresome job, and for several reasons.

• Good quality apartments are scarce.
• The prices are overrated and without justification for such.
• It is hard to find an apartment in a desirable location.
• Once a good quality apartment does appear on the market, it sells too quickly.

Looking for apartments is especially difficult for foreigners who do not have immediate access to real estate agencies and on-the-spot apartment deals. However, there is a solution for this problem.

Porta Group is a real estate development firm based in Croatia and with Swiss roots, specialising in luxury real estate that is made for those who want to take the most out of urban Adriatic lifestyle. As such, we base our projects on sustainability and high quality of living.

The latest of our residential projects is located in Zadar in Croatia, in Borik neighbourhood. Previously described commodities it offers, as well as the advantages of the entire Zadar region, have made it the ideal location for a complex with 42 apartments, an underground garage and a shopping centre. The entire complex takes the benefits of Borik and Zadar in general, elevating them to a whole new level and providing its future residents with the highest possible commodity.

Whether it’s for singles who wish to enjoy stunning sunsets and the abundance of space, or parents who are looking a neighbourhood that has everything they need for a cosy quality time with their children, our Borik project is the ideal option.

Learn more about the project or contact us for additional information! contact us for additional information!