orta Group is a new company on the Croatian market, but with over 15 years of experience in construction and project management.
Our passion is to launch successful, advanced and reliable projects on the market, setting the bar for all future construction endeavours. Our aim is to become a trustworthy partner to anyone searching for a house for sale in Croatia.

We are not just a construction company and our only goal is not to sell. Everything we do, every aspect of our business is based on integrity, respect and trust shown towards our clients and business partners.
Our projects are immersed in sustainability and raising the quality of life for the local population: those are our guiding principles for every project, from its initial planning to building completion. This way we can leave behind lasting positive impact not just for those involved in the project, but also for our planet and its future.

Croatian projects,
Swiss quality


uetli Venture Capital Group (RVC Group) is a Swissbased company founded by experienced entrepreneurs and consisting of designers, engineers and project managers. It provides cost-effective and technologically superior real estate projects, enabled by its global network of partner architects, developers and manufacturers.
World-renowned Swiss quality is therefore intertwined with all the aspects of our projects, from design and engineering to finalisation. As investors that seek innovative and daring projects, we look forward to working with teams that share our vision and guiding principles: fairness, openness and respect.

Real estate with integrity

Lasting, high-quality and advanced residential or business solution built with your needs in mind

Cooperation based on trust, integrity and mutual respect

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