Mesmerising seaside, astonishing sunsets
and thriving urban areas.

Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West in Florida, applauded at every evening.

Alfred Hitchcock

Zadar in Croatia is a city offering perfectly balanced dichotomies: urban and coastal, historical and contemporary, tourist and residential. With a rich history unveiled on the buildings of the city centre, natural beauties at hand and perfect life to work balance, Zadar is the city of choice for those who wish to combine Adriatic nonchalance with urban lifestyle.

City population


Centre of

Zadar county

Metro area

194 km2

Discover Borik, an urban neighbourhooD of Zadar in Croatia


ith population of the city steadily increasing as more people seek urban anchor, the need for residential buildings has increased. Borik, one of the most attractive Zadar neighbourhoods, has become the prime choice of people seeking commodities of urban life with an enhanced Mediterranean lifestyle. The neighbourhood of Borik lies on the west coast of Zadar in Croatia. Its numerous sandy and pebbly beaches make it a popular destination for tourists, as well as the locals. It is also the location of a hotel complex and two boat marinas that offer a stunning view of the famed Zadar sunset.

Amenities at hand

In Borik neighbourhood you will never be bored. There is always something to do and explore - cafés, beach bars, restaurants and even tennis courts. There are also plenty of stores and boutiques, which are to be further advanced by Borik Mall. Of course, a short trip to the city centre is also an option.

Ideal for families

The abundance of amenities for children make Borik an ideal residential area for young families. Neat and clean beaches are located here, as well as recreational and entertainment facilities. On the other hand, it also has a school, kindergarten, general practitioner's office, pharmacy and a dental office.

Excellent connectivity

Borik has an excellent connection to the city centre. You can choose between the city bus lines, taxi, Uber, Bolt or an electric Eko Tuk Tuk. If you feel like taking a walk or riding a bike to the lively Old Town Zadar, a tranquil seaside ride is always a good idea. Just relax and enjoy the sounds of the waves next to you.

Ideal proximity to various attractions